I forced myself to write

I have a horrible habit of only writing when I’m inspired. This can be devastating and lead to very little writing actually getting accomplished. I’m generally most creative in the morning, or so I thought. When I was a teenager, I always wrote at night. My ideas generally come to me during the day, though, while I’m living. As I’ve grown older, and taken on the challenge of having a full-time job, I’ve realized I’m too tired and mentally drained by the evening hours to write.

But last night I forced myself to start writing at 9:30 p.m. This was after I’d gone to the bank, the library, and the grocery store; after I went on a walk, cooked dinner, watched an episode of One Tree Hill, and spent countless hours on social media. I was tired, but I forced myself to write anyway.

What did I learn? I learned that I am most certainly capable of writing when I’m not inspired. The key is just sitting down at the computer, opening a document, and allowing the words to flow. In fact, I realized, that some of my most interesting ideas came to me in this setting.

All writers know it’s important to write every day, but what they may not all know is how important it is to write even when you’re not inspired to write.


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