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15 Minute Writing Prompts — A list

Creative Writing @ Pershing

Here is a list of writing prompts used for this class. In the future I will try to provide dates, but right now, I don’t remember all of them. Please note:  I don’t remember all the dates here, but starting today I should be giving an approximate date so you have an idea about what you need to make up:

  1. What do you wish you had known earlier?
  2. Write about yesterday.
  3. October 14. (Periods 1 and 2 Only) Your character is kidnapped or taken hostage. Write about how you respond; do you try to escape/fight or trick your captors?
  4. Oct 13-15. Your character loses (or misplaces) a lottery ticket. Write about what happens next.
  5. Oct 16-20. Suppose that you won a huge cash award for several million dollars. Although you give a lot to charity and taxes, it still leaves you with an additional million dollars to…

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