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Perspective: It’s the Key — The Reason I Hate Holidays

“I’ll never understand why you want to live in a big city like New York,” my mother said to me on this lovely Thanksgiving morning.

“I see the big city as a window of opportunities,” I replied. It’s the reason most people live in big cities, after all.

“I see it as a place where people take your opportunities,” was her Negative Nancy, half-glass-empty response.

This half-glass-empty attitude has been an ongoing trend in my life for as long as I can remember. Just last night, my parents reminded me that my cat is eighteen years old and I should “prepare myself.” Meanwhile, I’m sitting on the couch cuddling him, and he seems perfectly healthy. It’s not like he’s puking up blood or falling over when he walks, like our other cat did before she died. He’s eighteen years old, which I’m more than aware is old for a cat. I know my time with him is limited, which is why I want to enjoy him when I’m home.

Since my twelfth birthday, I’ve been constantly reminded that it’s probably my grandma’s last birthday with me, or her last Christmas with us, or her last Thanksgiving. This has been going on over a decade. Today, I’ll probably be reminded again that it’s probably her last Thanksgiving. The woman turns ninety-five next Monday. It’s a miracle she’s still alive and kicking. Let’s celebrate that.

And people wonder why I have such a negative outlook on life. I try to stay positive, but it’s hard to change. We say we don’t want to be like our parents, but I think part of them always lives with us. Studies say that a person’s personality becomes concrete at around twelve years old, and it’s difficult to “change” who you are after that.

So, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Remember, it might be your last Thanksgiving!

Let’s just be thankful for what we do have. Thanksgiving is a time to set all your unforeseeable worries aside and give thanks to what we can see.



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