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Fiction has no limits

the sky is not

We’ve all heard the idiom, “The sky’s the limit” when someone is referring to there being no limits to what someone can achieve. Literally speaking, though, the sky not a limit in fiction. In fact, fiction has no limits.

All dreams are possible because of fiction. So, you want to walk on the moon, but you don’t have the means or the physical motivation to actually go? Read all the books you can about outer space and the moon to learn everything you can about it to develop a clear vision, and then write your own adventure story about moving to the moon. Or, perhaps you want to extend that journey to Mars? Jupiter? Perhaps even Pluto? Go for it! Fiction truly has no limits.

Fiction allows the unattainable to become attainable. Like attainable dreams, the only barrier is self-doubt. Self-doubt is the devil. He’s the voice inside your head telling you that your idea or vision is silly or ridiculous, and you’ll never succeed if you write that.

Write first, worry about if others will like your story later. All writers start with an idea, an idea that is intended to satisfy their own fantasies or goals. Write with the reader in mind, but you can’t allow yourself to get too distressed worrying about the reader’s reaction. The readers come second. Readers are an extra reward that make your hard work pay off, because it doesn’t matter how passionate you are about your subject; writing is hard work.

Maybe you’re not a writer. Maybe you’re a reader, and you have no desire to write. That’s okay. There are plenty of writers who have shared their craft with the world, enabling your fantasies to become realities. Or maybe you’re a writer who writes solely for yourself, like I have for many years. That’s okay, too. Sharing your work takes  courage.

Writing is personal, writing is complex, writing has different meanings for different people, and everyone writes for different reasons, but all writers share one purpose: To entertain, whether it be for the self or for the public.

All I can say? Thank God for Writers.

Writers: Making the impossible possible.


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