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You can acquire any taste!


You’re probably aware that beer is an acquired taste. It’s taste that I have yet to acquire and one that I really have no desire to acquire. However, beer isn’t the only acquired taste out there. There are hundreds of thousands acquired “tastes” that exist in our world. Some I have acquired.”

Here are just a few:

1. Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Not a literal taste, but social media is definitely a taste. Back in 2007, Facebook was starting to hit the mainstream population. Everyone was joining. Me? I thought it was pointles. Then I learned my mother and aunt were both on Facebook, so I decided to join too. Soon, I learned what Facebook was all about. I became an active user, and even though I’ll gladly point out the flaws in the Facebook system now, I still check it every day. It’s become part of my daily routine.

It was the same with Twitter. I first became aware of Twitter in 2009 when Twitter popularity spiked. I didn’t understand why it was so popular. “Huh, so you’re telling people that you’re breathing? What?” were some of my early thoughts of the site. I didn’t understand this “micro-blogging” concept, and why anyone would want to do it. Flash forward to 2012, when I first started using Twitter to follow my favorite TV show stars and producers. I quickly learned how fun Twitter could be, and why people become addicted to it. Now, I see Twitter as a great tool to get connected with people outside of your Facebook social circle. The celebrity perk is just an added bonus. I like to use it to connect with others who have similar interests. For businesses, if used properly, Twitter is a great tool to connect on a more personal level with their clients.

Social media is definitely an acquired taste, but once you’re sucked in, there’s no going back.

2. White skim milk. I’m talking about literal “tastes” again. In elementary and middle school, I only drank chocolate milk. I remember crying when the cafeteria was out of chocolate milk at school. The school had a different brand of milk than my mom bought at home, and I didn’t like the taste of the school’s milk. However, I switched schools in sixth grade, and I didn’t like the brand of chocolate milk at the new school, and it happened to be the same brand of milk that my mom purchased, so I started drinking white milk. My mom wanted us to consume fewer calories, so she started purchasing 1% Milk and eventually skim milk. I acquired a taste for white skim milk, which many people I know will say tastes like water. When I was a kid, I probably would have agreed with them. Since then I’ve become accustomed to skim white milk, and now I drink any brand of skim milk and it tastes delicious. I acquired a taste for skim white milk, which anyone who thinks skim milk tastes like water can do as well. Since I’m so used to skim, I think that 1% milk tastes too creamy. We acquire a taste for the milk we drink at home.

3. Tea. I don’t drink coffee,  which is, as I’ve been told, another acquired taste.  Growing up, I never liked the taste of tea. For Christmas my mom got me a tea sampler kit, so I’ve been sampling a ton of teas lately. Believe it or not, I’ve somehow developed an obsession for tea. While tea sampling, I’ve realized it’s not the first sip I love. It’s the second, third, and so on sips I live for. It really gets better the more you sip it. Of course, it tastes best with a couple scoops of sugar in it.

My point is, even if you hate the taste of something now, that doesn’t mean you’ll always hate the taste of that food or drink. It’s important to continuously try new things, and re-try new things every few years. Your taste buds change as you age, and if you consume a food or drink enough, you may start to acquire a taste for it.

What are some “tastes” that you’ve acquired over your lifetime?


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