My Life


Change comes in all shapes and forms. You can go months, maybe even years, with no major changes in your life, but then you look back and everything’s different. Sometimes changes come in a blink of an eye. A car crash paralyzing you from the waist down. An unplanned pregnancy. A surprise promotion. Change is constant. We’re constantly evolving and growing. Some changes are noticeable, whereas others are much smaller, practically unrecognizable.

Very little changed for me during 2014. I woke up and went to work every day and had the same routine.  Nothing major/life-changing happening. I went to DC in March, which was pretty exciting. I lost my bird, Sparky, in July, and my dog, Buddy, in November. Both were difficult losses. Over all, though, my life stayed at a constant.

During the spring and summer I’d go on walks, and sometimes I went to the pool. It really was an uneventful year. I watched a ton of Netflix. I made it through all six seasons of LOST, all nine season of One Tree Hill, and all nine seasons of Criminal Minds. I also spent a lot of time rewatching Grey’s Anatomy episodes, since Grey’s Anatomy is like my drug.

Flash forward twenty-seven days into 2015, and suddenly everything’s different. Suddenly, I hardly have the time to watch Netflix. Why? Well, two weeks ago I adopted a four month old kitten. And no, it definitely wasn’t in the plans. I’d joked about it for a while. I’d missed having pets around, since I was practically raised in a zoo. So, when the opportunity was right in front of me, I couldn’t say no.

I definitely embarked on a new adventure when I decided to adopt Sal. I’ve been surrounded by animals my entire life, but I’ve never been the sole caretaker of one. Suddenly, I’m responsible for feeding him, making sure he has water, and making sure he gets the attention he needs. He’s a very playful kitten, and he loves being the center of attention. He has one of the most unique, interesting personalities I’ve seen in a cat.

He’s still a kitten, so he needs an ample amount of playtime. He seems to alternate between play days and sleep days.  I could easily start an entire blog about Sal and document his every day to day activities (maybe I will), so I’ll just say this: My schedule now revolves around Sal’s schedule. He gets to decide when I’m allowed to use the computer, when I’m allowed to sleep, when I’m allowed to read. He’s like a toddler.


Adopting a pet has been life changing for me, and ultimately I think it’s been good for me. He depends on me, and in a way, I depend on him. That’s how he got his name, “Salvatore,’ which means Savior. (I’ll admit, he’s also named after Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. He has some facial expressions that resemble Damon Salvatore).

He’s a little pistol, but he is pretty cute, isn’t he?



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