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Why I don’t like giving bad book reviews

If it can’t be fixed, then why criticize it?  Anyone who knows me knows I can be a tough critic. People usually love or hate me for it. In college and at work, many ask me to edit their writing  because they know I’m going to criticize it to death. Others won’t even let me… Continue reading Why I don’t like giving bad book reviews

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Destined for great fate?

“Are some people destined for great fate, or to do great things? Or is it that they’re born somehow with great passion — and if they find themselves in the right circumstances, then things happen?” – Voyager, Diana Gabaldon I’m currently reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon after having read stellar reviews of the series, so… Continue reading Destined for great fate?

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Sing You Home || Book Review

It’s hard to hate a Jodi Picoult character. I’ve read a number of her books now, and I can’t recall once hating a character she’s written, even in a book as controversial as this one. One of Jodi Picoult’s prime talents is the ability to present controversial issues without upsetting her readers. She always grasps all sides… Continue reading Sing You Home || Book Review