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Resolutions in Review

Last year, I posted a post titled New Year’s SMART Resolutions, describing my new year’s resolutions for 2015.

So how’d I do?

Read twenty pages per day.

I found this goal difficult to monitor. Also, I read books in all shapes and sizes — you could say I’m an old fashion reader — so 20 pages in one book could be 50 pages in another.

HoweverI managed to make reading part of my (almost) every day routine in 2015. There were very few days where I didn’t have a book on my “currently” reading shelf on GoodReads. GoodReads has helped me track my reading progress throughout the year. I read 37 books in 2015. I hope to read 50 books in 2016.

Start every morning with TED.

I did this religiously for the month of January 2015, then I kind of just…stopped. Today, I was watching Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with my aunt and there was a question about TED Talks. It served as a reminder to me of how much I love TED Talks, and how I need to watch more talks. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch a talk every morning, though. Maybe I’ll aim to watch a talk each week instead.

Go to the library at least twice a week. 

I typically go to the library at least once every three weeks, since that’s how long you can check out a book. Sometimes I go more frequently. Last January, I was going twice a week. Let’s be honest, though, when I get off work after sitting at a desk all day, the last thing I want to do is sit at the library. I set this goal with the intention to read more and find a distraction-free place to write. The library is nowhere near distraction free. I’ve actually discovered that I get more writing done in coffee shops than libraries.

Exercise at least thirty minutes every day. 

Ha. Ha. That’s all I’ll say.

Getting back into shape is actually one of my core goals for 2016. I would love to be able to exercise thirty minutes every day, but it’s not always practical and I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself to exercise thirty minutes every day. I do, however, want to do something active every day after work. Like I mentioned above, I sit for eight hours a day. After work, I need to get active to stimulate myself, and I can do that by going to the mall and walking around, going for a swim, doing jumping jacks, etc. I just need to do something active every day.

Making SMART goals is a matter of trial and error, no matter the time of year. What works, and what doesn’t? It’s important to revisit your New Year’s Resolutions at the end of each year. I know some folks are anti-New Year’s Resolutions, but regardless, I think it’s important to set goals for yourself. Some people don’t need New Year’s Resolutions because they’re natural goal setters. For those of us who aren’t, January 1st can be a convenient time to set personal SMART GOALS. 

Happy 2016! I wish you all the best on your resolutions. May this be the year you succeed at all of them (or at least one).




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