My Life

I can’t complain…

…but I do. We all do, right? When I look at the big picture, though, I realize my problems look silly when measured up to a lot of people’s issues.

So what if my dad died when I was four? Some people never meet their dads. Some never meet either of their parents.

So what if I was born blind? I can see now. Some people are blind and deaf their entire lives. Some people will never be fortunate enough to drive on their own or live independently. Some people will always have to rely on additional support to survive.

I have my share of issues. I’m awkward in social situations, but I’m not incapable of socializing. I’m disorganized, but I can organize if I set my mind to it. I start a lot of projects I don’t finish, but I can finish a project if I put my heart into it. I struggled in school, but I still earned mostly A’s.

I’ve been depressed for most of my life, but I still get out of bed and manage to get through each day, even if some days are a massive struggle. Sometimes I think I’m bipolar because of my rapid mood swings, but I’m getting better at controlling them (except when I’m around my family–that’s still a work in progress).

My dad died when I was four, but I still had my mom by my side every step of the way. And if my dad had not died, I wouldn’t have a 16-year-old sister.

I have psoriasis, but it’s in coverable places.

Sometimes I feel like my life sucks, and I think I should seek professional help. Then I evaluate what I would tell a therapist or doctor, and I realize how silly my problems really are.

Everything happens for a reason. I have issues. We all do. But mine are pretty small compared to many.


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