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FYI, Grammar Nazis…

Being a grammar nazi  is increasingly difficult in today’s world. When I was younger, I was a self-professed grammar nazi with no shame. Now, it’s virtually impossible to be the nazi I once was, as the article below points out, uses of words are always changing. You just can’t keep up with the changes in this fast-paced world, which is the reason I always look up the “latest” trends before I call a co-worker out on her mistake. I’ve made the mistake of calling someone out only to discover it’s correct both ways.

Get ready to change your autocorrect rules. The Associated Press announced Saturday that the next edition of its stylebook will endorse “internet” over “Internet” and “web” over “Web.”The change is the latest in a long-running debate over whether “the internet” is a proper noun — a singular piece of technology like the Hyperloop — or…

via How To Spell ‘Internet’ — Features – FiveThirtyEight


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