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Six Times I Was Awesome

According to my college Customs and Cultures class, if you were to ask someone from Asia what traits make them the best candidate for a job, they would respond, “I’m not the best.”

For many years, I, too, have had a similar mindset. I never knew how to answer that question. It is a difficult question to answer, after all, since there’s always someone out there who’s just as qualified as you. What does make you better than them? Unless you’re an egotistical jerk, you’re going to have to think about your response.

I’ve always struggled with my self-confidence, and I have always had a hard time reminding myself why I’m awesome and what sets me apart from other candidates. When I see a job has seventy-five applicants, I immediately assume I don’t have a chance.

Sometimes you just need to remind yourself why you’re awesome. Here are six times I was awesome:

1. Twelfth grade English class. My teacher was handing back our essays, and she was ranting about what a terrible job everyone did. I felt sick to my stomach, assuming the worst, only to receive my paper back and see I’d gotten 95%. I was one of two people in the class to receive an A.  

2. Senior year. I was one of five students to receive a full tuition scholarship to my college. The admissions counselor told me over the phone that I was the only student to receive a perfect score on the essay portion.

3. College Composition. My instructor told me I was the only student in the class to receive full credit on an assignment.

4. College Business Video Class. My instructor told me I was the most detail-orientated student in my class. 

5. College Advertising Class. My group, which one other student and I had done the majority of the work, received the top score on our presentation.

6. College Careers Class. I was one of two students in the class who didn’t have to redo my cover letter because I earned top marks on the first try. 

I realize all of these times are school related. The reality is, I was amazing at being a student. Also, every single one of these times I’ve felt amazing involved writing in some capacity. My destiny has been lain out for me. I’ve just avoided it, and I’m not sure why anymore. I don’t have a reason to avoid my destiny if it’s what makes me happy.


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